Many of us don’t remember how it is to feel a wellspring of resources behind us coming from our family system, but that’s just the thing that we need so dearly.

I offer steadfast ritual support to connect with the deep blessings of our ancestors in a meaningful, everyday way.

I especially love working with lineage repair around conception, babies, and parenting, as well as to support health issues, chronic illness, and the process of consciously dying. 

We are here as the face of the thousands of generations that came before us. Let us make it a shining face.



I offer ancestrally-oriented ritual support, by phone or skype, that can span any issues that you wish were gentler in your life, working with your health, having babies, and if it’s your time to do so, dying. We work with your ancestors in a down-to-earth, direct, stable way, and bring their wisdom to your current moment. You are invited to be human, have a sense of humor, and open your heart to more love and acceptance for yourself. The goal is support of your personal destiny through facing the ancestral arena of life.

My place is to bring the safe container to help you reconnect with your old, bright, wise ancestors and let repair come to your particular watershed of family inheritance. We all–absolutely all–have well ancestors who are rooting for us, and it’s really helpful to consciously relate with them.

As you may have noticed, many of our families are not very well, and have not been for some time. The ancient ones are strong enough to deal with any kind of abuse, addiction, violence, and wrong-doing that you may have known in your recent family. I know because I was one of those who was secretly sure and afraid that I didn’t have any good ones.

Though history can’t be re-written, the collective traumas and accumulated funk can be mended, closed, and resolved in spirit in a way that maybe they don’t have to be (re)lived over and over in the same way by you, your living kin, and your descendants.

If you’ve been haunted by a relative, had troubled or traumatic relations with living family, are cut off in consciousness from your family, adopted, or just can’t deal with your folks because they’re so unwell, then this healing process is still totally accessible–spirit is always available, even when incarnated form isn’t.

I see lineage repair as especially beneficial in situations when family has been rough for us. It cleans out the collective nature of it and supports us to do whatever other necessary healing we need in order to live a good life.


There is no particular spiritual tradition upon which I base my ritual work, though it is based on some core beliefs: that the world is alive, that spirit exists in present tense, and that we are full participants in the dance between heaven and earth. What I do, and how I pray, is very practical and simple. The ritual is the sacred container for goodness to happen.

My formal training in ancestral lineage repair is with Daniel Foor, who has recently published a great book, bringing practical tools to sorting through the tricky terrain of family inheritance.

Ancestors and Plant Medicine

Often, once relationships with your elder ancestors are established, they have ways they want to help you remedy and balance, or at least cope with, whatever it is in your life that needs it.

Because all humans have been relating with plants as medicine since time began, the ancestors may point toward some herbal support that your people know well and have relied upon–my training in herbalism and traditional medicines can help us tease out what’s needed so you can benefit from this resource.

Working with plant medicines while doing ancestor work can be really effective. The plants that have lived with our peoples in the lands that we are from have seen us through many seasons (sometimes even the ice age) and they can help us remember who we are and how it is when our people are well. 


BRIGHT BABIES: ritual work to support conception, pregnancy, birth, and parenting

Babies arrive to us from the realm of the ancestors, and they are coming as bright, intact souls, with all the treasures of their personal gifts and instructions for their soul’s learning. In order to give them the best chance at fulfilling what they came here to do, repairing the lineage systems that proceed them is one of the kindest and most respectful things we can do for our children.

Of course, journeys of conception, pregnancy, and birth all run right alongside ancestral patterns and processes–and it’s really helpful for parents to connect to the resources within, and quiet some of the trouble that we’ve received and would rather not pass on to our little ones. Ancestors can help make even difficult experiences of conception and birth make sense and can lead you through it all in a way that your soul stays well.

On a practical level, welcoming a new soul into the family always includes a re-organizing of the existing system, both incarnated and in spirit, and this can be overwhelming if not consciously engaged with in a resourced way. Be good to yourself and your children by cleaning up the energetic family home before bringing them into it.

If you already have kids, it is always the right time to give them the gift of ancestral wholeness and connection. They often remember better than us how it all works.

For folks with alternative family-building journeys, including queer and gender-wonderful families conceiving, the ancestor work can be really helpful in sorting through that whole process and making it awesome. If you’re using donors, or adopting, or doing any kind of fertility treatment (all of which can be energetically tricky), the best ones to help decide what’s good and make it work are your wise and loving ancestors, who can see behind the scenes of the whole thing, and want you to have a bright and loving home with the kids you’re supposed to have.

I am a mother and I have experienced firsthand how my husband and I engaging in ancestor work prior to the birth of our first child was a huge help in the initiation into parenthood. I also know firsthand how difficult bearing a child can be. Whatever your experience, it is welcome.

At the end of the day, bringing a little one into a family that is well in spirit is so, so sweet.


THE LONG ROAD HOME: ritual support for living with illness, as well as consciously dying

Chronic disease, pain, and intense illness often visit many of us, and our families, whether we feel ready to meet them or not. Walking this path is not for the faint of heart.

Our bright, ancient ancestors can become a practical and strong everyday resource during seasons of hardship, efforts to find balance, and through the process of dying.

They are, ultimately, the ones that will gather us on the other side of the river when we go, and they are the ones who are most interested in us being as well and as deeply cared for as we can be.

Ancestors are, of course, also the ones most intimately familiar with our disease processes, since we inherited our genetics, traumas, and organs from their blueprints. By engaging with them ritually, we can begin to see the core of the illness or process occurring, and they can show us how to do it in the best way. The ghosty stuff and unwell energies we know of in our families often feel very close to the illness or difficulty we are engaging with, but lineage repair can put all that at rest.

I’ve worked for years with folks living with cancer, chronic pain and disease, as well as with hospice and passage to the other side. I’m familiar with how the body and spirit meet these kinds of things, and and how we as beings may face and find remedy in both conventional and integrative medical treatments. I’m not afraid of talking about dying.

In my experience, there is no greater peace during difficulty than seeing the loving, warm, expectant faces of those well ones in spirit who wait to welcome you home on the opposite bank of the waters.

You have warm and shining ancestors, and they are there to love you whenever you are ready to seek them out.



Carol Irene Southworth, Carol Southworth, Irene Ammar

I have come a long way to get here.

My people are from Old Europe, lands that are called Germany, Ireland, England, Scandinavia, Portugal.  It has been a long time since we European peoples were collectively well, and generally treated other peoples and beings in a way that is acceptable. I take seriously the need to be with this reality, and to remedy the forgetting by remembering and building new forms of the lifeways of my people before we were so out of balance.

My background is in herbal medicine and bodywork, having worked with folks who are living with illness, dying, healing from trauma, and generally trying to make sense of the whole mess for some years now. My practice has previously centered on Craniosacral Therapy and gentle, Chinese Medicine-informed bodywork to support people living with illness. I’ve also worked with hospice and end-of-life.

At this point, my understanding of the body as this dear portal for our complex human spirit underscores all that I do, and I’ve come to see direct ritual engagement with our spiritual ecosystems as a integral part of the healing process. So this is what I focus on.

I am a mother and wife and I think that the best parts of being incarnated are eating and singing. We live in rightfully Pomo land in Northern California.

There is deep gratitude in my heart for my many teachers who have been fundamental to my development as a practitioner and healer, the most significant of whom are: Daniel Foor, Isabel Adkins, Jim Gilkeson, and the core (and guest!) faculty of the California School of Herbal Studies. The land, the wild creatures, and the plants, have mentored and taught me beyond what I deserve.

I have learned also in great measure about the human spirit and its mysteries from the written or recorded words of our aunties on the airwaves Sarah Holmes & Karyn Sanders, the old stories through Clarissa Pinkola Estès, the digging of Marija Gimbutas, the way the land and stone spoke to Alastair Service & Jean Bradbery, the thinking of Jürgen Kremer, heartful understanding of Lonny Jarrett, down-to-earth wisdom of Matthew Wood, and the oral traditions of my people gathered by Reimund Kvideland & Henning Sehmsdorf, among many countless others. I owe public libraries every place I have lived an immeasurable debt for the gift of free knowledge.