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Many traditions say that such a relationship is necessary for our survival. A crucial piece of the illnesses that has taken up so many souls in the last couple of millennia is the forgetting of this relationship and how to tend to it.


Further, many of us know deeply that our not-incarnated kin are not well, and the source of trouble there can appear within a spectrum of unpleasant to downright terrifying.


How to remedy this? Ancestral lineage repair work sets out to connect you with the well, intact energies that precede the recent trouble, and bring resolution to the traumas and struggles of more recent generations.


This repair also includes cultural remembrance that awakens our sense of relationship with the other-than-human world, facing the collective harms that our peoples have been part of, and also learning to embody our place as the living face of many thousands of years of excellent, honorable, and gifted people.


Healing of this kind is especially beneficial and potent if you are a parent, or hoping to become one. Read more about that here.

The truth is, the bright ones, the well ones, they are no farther than our own blood and bones. We are their living faces, and we already hold all of their gifts. We need only get to know them.


The ancient ones are waiting for you.

This work is especially helpful if:

You are generally well, but you still feel some trouble lingering behind you that you don't quite know what to do with.

Your inheritance holds things that you have a hard time identifying with, or things about which you don't have a sense of what the healthy version looks like. This might have to do with race, religion, class, or challenging experiences in your family growing up.

You have children, or you want to have children, but there are some things you'd rather not pass on to them that you feel in your family system.

You want to feel more supported in clarifying and living out your destiny as a human on the earth.


When we become parents, we participate in our ancestral systems in a big-deal way.


This initiation, from before conception until long after our little one is born, is often woven through with inherited patterns, both healthful and not, and as such the whole thing can be a really rough ride.


Ancestral repair can help make even difficult experiences of conception and birth make sense and can lead you through it all in a way that your soul stays well.

The basis of all my work, lineage repair is empowering.


You connect with the well energies in your ancestral system, with me holding space and providing technical support. What this approach provides is that you have a full relationship with your people, and you can call on them.

Sometimes within the lineage repair work the ancestors really want you to experience some plant support also, and since I'm an herbalist I can help sort that part too.






I offer practical ritual work to bring the ancestors as a source of support in everyday life and health. I especially love working with the ancestors around children and babies.

My background is in systems of bodywork and herbal medicine and I've worked especially with people living with illness, the dying, and those healing from trauma. Sometimes I do weave in herbal consultation as is appropriate for the ancestor work.


My people are from Germany, Ireland, England, Scandinavia, and Portugal, and I draw inspiration from the Earth-centered wisdoms of ancient Europe.  I live with my family on rightfully Pomo lands in Northern California and take seriously the need to safely engage with collective harms so the tides can turn toward health in all of our families and communities.

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I'm glad to do a 15-minute phone call to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Please read more about sessions with me, or feel free to contact me by email.